Company History


SRL “OFOS GRUP” was registered on December 31, 2013. The idea to create the company was born in mid-2013 after the return of one of Oleg Filipashko (O.F.) founders in Europe after many years of work away from home. For 14 years in Ireland, he has embraced European culture and love for his homeland. And then it was the dream of creating your own European-value business in your home country. Familiar with Sinitsky Oleg (O.S.) – the second founder, behind whom over 15 years of experience in furniture production was born a new company on the Moldovan market – “O.F.O.S GRUP SRL”.

Thanks to supporting the European program “It seems 1 + 1”, the young company managed to enter the market properly. In spite of our young age, we actively compete with Moldovan furniture business leaders. For five years, we have carried out several major projects, including: conversion of a Lukoil-Moldova mobile gas distribution network, manufacture of artificial stone reception for the commercial Keramin Center, fully equipped with furniture – a new PEREFLEX shopping center, cafeteria at the airport from Chisinau, business furniture ORHEI LAND, ATRIUM shopping center, MAIB Lising office furniture and many more. Our company also manufactures furniture for the chain of stores BROW BAR, both in Chisinau and Romania.

By participating in furniture exhibitions in the Republic of Moldova, the company has repeatedly won the prize for the public, thanks to which it has firmly established itself on the Moldovan market.